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Other Languages

People’s Other Languages (POL)

SMK CBN also offers Mandarin, Tamil and French  as elective under People’s Other Language (POL). 

Mandarin is offered for students from form 1 till form 5. Students from the Chinese vernacular student will be learning this subject as a continuum from the primary schools. The same goes for Tamil as this subject is also often taken by students from the Tamil vernacular schools.  However, students from the National schools may also take up these subjects. The students will sit the exam  PT3 in form 3 and SPM in form 5.

French Language is offered from form one till form 4.  They will be sitting for the DELF exam – the National French language proficiency examinations.  This will enable students to pursue studies in France and also a better opportunity to be selected for scholarships.

English Literature

SMK CBN is one of the seven day schools in Malaysia handpicked by the Malaysian Ministry of Education to be offered IGCSE (Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education) English Literature starting 2017. The first batch of 60 students to be taking this subject and will be sitting for the exam in June 2018.