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SMK Convent Bukit Nanas

Jawatankuasa PIBG 2011-2012


Seated: Puan Maryati Binti Rahmani, Puan Thajunisah Begam bt M S S Jakkaria, Puan Norrizan bt Junus, Encik Aaron Ong, Puan Lee Chii Yuann, Encik Amiruddin Bin Sahudi, Encik Suhaimy Bin Md Yusof, Puan Usha Diane A/P Dennis, Cik Waan Wai Teng
Standing:  Puan Mugilarasi A/P Muttu Ramalinggam, Puan Azni bt Mat Jusoh, Puan Normae’zam binti Che Hasan, YM Raja Ab Rahman Bin Raja Omar, Encik Alex Goh, Encik Kharil Anwar Bin Halim, Encik Zulkifle Bin Pandak Ahmad, Encik Aiza Rizal Bin Mohd Sarip, Tuan Haji Hamzah Bin Jumiran, Datin Veronica Stephen, Puan Mei Ong
Not in picture: Pn Roslinda Buang


*Puan Lee Chii Yuann (Retired)

Puan Mysterical Rose Fernandez (20 December 2011- )

Yang DiPertua

*Encik Amiruddin Bin Sahudi

Naib Yang Dipertua

*Encik Suhaimy Bin Md Yusof

Setiausaha Kehormat

Bendahari Kehormat

Ahli Jawatankuasa Ibubapa

Ahli Jawatankuasa Guru


*Puan Maryati Binti Rahmani

*Encik Aaron Ong (Resigned 31/12/11)

Treasurer’s Report 2011/2012

*Encik Aiza Rizal Bin Mohd Sarip

*Puan Mugilarasi A/P Muttu Ramalinggam

*Puan Chee Poh Kiem

*Tuan Haji Hamzah Bin Jumiran

*Puan Normae’zam binti Che Hasan

*Puan Norrizan bt Junus

Penolong Setiausaha

Penolong Bendahari

*Encik Kharil Anwar Bin Halim

*Puan Thajunisah Begam bt M S S Jakkaria

*Puan Wan Hanizah bt Wan Hasan

*Puan Azni Bt

Mat Jusoh

*Puan Mei Ong

*Cik Waan Wai Teng

*YM Raja Ab Rahman Bin Raja Omar

*Puan Usha Diane A/P Dennis

*Datin Veronica Stephen

*Encik Zulkifle Bin Pandak Ahmad

The PIBG of SMK CBN is a registered body with the Ministry of Education and is directly taken part in (not indirectly) by every parent/guardian and every teacher. The PIBG realizes that its role is very important in helping the school administration establish the school’s infrastructure, as well as provide financial assistance to ensure that the welfare of the school members is always provided for. Therefore, a lot of help and effort has been given towards maintaining the excellence of the school.


The Central Committee plays an important responsibility in guaranteeing that the needs and welfare of all in CBN are always met. Therefore, the Central Committee is always monitoring the needs and equipment required by the school. This is also done with the payment of the school staff’s salaries, for the PIBG has funded the salaries of the cleaning staff, sports coaches, band trainers, librarians and security guards.

In order to carry out this effort more effectively, a few Sub-committees were formed, led by each PIBG Committee Member according to the portfolios established earlier, not just to ease management, but also to provide beneficial service to every member of the school.

Besides that, this committee has also taken part in joint efforts with nearby schools, organisations and events organised by the Federal Territory Education Department and other related departments involved in the effort to further increase the school’s performance.